Nature News From Cathy Shill

Our friend Cathy Shill from Hole Hiking Experience which happens to be one of the awesome JH Nordic Alliance Members, writes amazing monthly recaps of the weather, wildlife, and trails here in the valley. Her latest “Nature News” monthly recap of January discusses the mild winter we are having in contrast to the record winter of last year and how this has impacted the wildlife and their behavior.  The wildlife has been able to graze freely throughout the mountains, as warm temps give way to melting snow and exposed vegetation. Cathy goes on to mention that although it may seem good for some wildlife, it is negatively impacting others, and we as humans across the state, nation and world must do our due diligence to limit our own impact on the environment.

Cathy breaks down some of the specifics of moose and bison activity being observed this time of year as well as some notable sightings of different species and where they were seen throughout the area.

Hole Hiking Experience recommended ski/snowshoe tour:
Shadow Mountain

Check out Cathy’s Latest Nature News article Here to learn more about the weather, wildlife, trails and more.

Sandbag Standings & 15th Annual Spud Chase Results

Here are your Sandbag Standings so far after Five Races:

Sandbag Series Standings

# races handicap
Eric Balog 2 1.70
Dan Streubel 4 3.13
Davey Mitchell 2 4.40
Scott Obrien 2 13.45
Elijah Weenig 2 14.75
Melissa Streubel 2 15.65
Bridger Stiles 2 16.00
Steve Mandella 3 19.87
Forest Dramis 3 20.43
Michael Lutz 2 20.85
David King 2 21.10
Rachel Wigglesworth 3 21.57
Derek Hoff 2 21.75
Scott Horn 2 22.90
Desmond Concannon 2 23.60
Jack Love 2 23.90
Matthew Watters 2 24.25
Nate Streubel 4 25.15
Regan Kohlhardt 2 25.85
Rob Murphy 2 29.20
Peter Concannon 3 30.60
Asher Jacoby 3 31.43
Arden Jacoby 2 32.50
Mason Wheeler 2 33.20
Jane Linville 2 41.80
Finn Eidem 4 42.85
Liam Peterson 2 43.65
Natalie Obrien 3 44.43
Aurora Stiles 3 44.53
Bob Stevenson 2 45.55
Sydney Wilmot 2 48.15
Lucas Wilmot 2 48.85
Janet Conway 2 50.90
Jacob Collins 4 51.23
Tom Kohlhardt 2 52.35
Chloe Stines 2 52.65
Sara Olerud 2 53.15
Aly Courtemanch 2 53.20
Nico Yeomans 3 54.93
Kim Springer 2 55.00
Sam Sinclair 2 57.90
Dave Adams 5 58.32
Noah Pruzan 2 59.40
Hayden Poduska 3 65.20
Ruby Milligan 2 70.25
Buck Milligan 2 70.70
Davis Behrens 3 73.53
Cecily Ross 3 73.80
Hailey Stines 2 73.80
Gavin Behrens 3 78.60
Daisha Jacoby 2 78.90
Elise Hall 2 79.70
Caleb Bender 2 81.05
Beo Charette 3 82.37
Lena Poduska 2 88.05
Joe DiPrisco 2 91.75
Heinz Walter 4 92.05
Salim Jacoby 2 95.20


…and the results are in for the 15th annual Spud Chase!

Congratulations to all of the racers, and thank you to all who came out to support our local Nordic Skiers.

Spud Chase Race Results

24K Results
Place First Last Town State Gender Age Race Time
1 Dan Streubel Driggs ID M 46 1:11:22
2 Eric Balog Wilson WY M 44 1:12:30
3 Scott O’Brien Wilson WY M 55 1:16:37
4 Brent Peacock Jackson WY M 56 1:19:56
5 Roger Smith Jackson WY M 60 1:20:53
6 Melisa Streubel Driggs ID F 46 1:21:02
7 Michael Lutz Jackson WY M 30 1:21:02
8 Forest Dramis Jackson WY M 43 1:21:08
9 Rachel Wigglesworth Jackson WY F 49 1:21:28
10 Staney Edwards Driggs ID M 48 1:21:43
11 Chase Beninga Jackson WY M 42 1:28:48
12 Kevin Hinkley Victor ID M 58 1:30:54
13 Jane Linville Driggs ID F 60 1:33:31
14 Dave Adams Teton Village WY M 65 1:43:16
15 Janet Conway Alta WY F 67 1:45:16
16 Monroe Rosenthal Wilson WY M 70 1:45:18
17 Heinz Walter Jackson WY M 79 2:05:11
12K Results
Place First Last Town State Gender Age Race Time
1 Derek Hoff Salt Lake CIty UT M 45 0:39:11
2 Rob Murphy Wilson WY M 61 0:39:58
3 Barb Lindquist Alta WY F 48 0:40:22
4 Steve Mandella Driggs ID M 58 0:40:29
5 Cody Downard Victor ID M 44 0:41:46
6 Jeff Hancock Rexburg ID M 45 0:44:33
7 Bob Stevenson Victor ID M 72 0:50:07
8 Thomas Mikelsen Jackson WY M 38 0:51:17
9 Alyson Courtemanch Jackson WY F 36 0:58:15
6K Results
Place First Last Town State Gender Age Race Time
1 Nate Streubel Driggs ID M 10 0:19:19 0:38:38 1:17:16
2 Finn Eidem Tetonia ID M 12 0:21:01 0:42:02 1:24:04
3 Liam Peterson Driggs ID M 12 0:21:20 0:42:40 1:25:20
4 Zane Lindquist Alta WY M 11 0:23:13 0:46:26 1:32:52
5 Sara Olerud Driggs ID F 15 0:23:15 0:46:30 1:33:00
6 Cameron Edwards Driggs ID M 14 0:26:33 0:53:06 1:46:12
7 Gavin Behrens Victor ID M 14 0:27:46 0:55:32 1:51:04
2.5K Results
Place First Last Town State Gender Age Race Time
1 Jacob Collins Victor ID M 11 0:09:31
2 Bjorn Lindquist Alta WY M 11 0:09:43
3 Davis Behrens Victor ID M 12 0:10:39
4 Caleb Bender Victor ID M 10 0:10:56
5 Sam Bender Victor ID M 8 0:11:32
6 Beo Charette Victor ID M 10 0:12:26
1K Results
Place First Last Town State Gender Age Race Time
1 Emmy Bender Victor ID F 6 0:06:50
2 Trey Behrens Victor ID M 8 0:06:59

Best Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trips in Grand Teton National Park


A skier explores Grand Teton National Park near the Lucas-Fabian Homestead at Dawn


Winter has come to Jackson Hole.  The breathtaking peaks of the Teton Range are covered with a deepening snowpack, to the delight of downhill skiers and snowboarders at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Grizzly and black bears are hibernating beneath the snow, and herds of elk, bison, and mule deer are retreating to the southern end of the Jackson Hole valley, seeking out winter habitat.  


As snow covers the valley of Grand Teton National Park, a winter wonderland has emerged, providing ample opportunities for exploration on cross country ski or snowshoes.  The guides at Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures have been out exploring the park on ski and snowshoe tours, here are some of our favorite spots!


  1. Hermitage Point


Time: 3-6 hrs.

Distance 1-7 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

Snowshoers on a tour with Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures explore the Hermitage Point Area on a sunny day in Grand Teton National Park

Hermitage Point is at the end of a long peninsula on Jackson Lake, offering stunning views of Mount Moran and the northern Teton Range.  The point is 3.5 miles one way from the parking lot at Colter Bay but opportunities exist for shorter loops to explore Heron and/or Swan Lakes.  We enjoy looking for track and sign from foxes, coyotes, American martin, red pine squirrel, otter, and beavers along the way.


  1. Teton Park Road

Time: 1-8 hrs

Distance 1 mile to 25 miles round trip, you choose the distance!

Difficulty Easy – Strenuous

Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

Grand Teton National Parks inner loop road, is closed to vehicles in winter time, but, thanks to a grant from the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, is groomed for some of the most scenic Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing in North America.  From the start of the seasonal road closure at the Bradley/Taggart Trailhead, follow the groomed track of the Teton Park Road as far as Signal Mountain, some 12.5 miles to the North!  Explore this groomed trail for as long or short of a distance as you like, the nordic track and relatively flat gradient makes for perfect beginner skiing.  


  1. Jenny Lake
Thick ice on Jenny Lake can allow for fun skate skiing especially in the spring.

Time 4-6 hrs

Distance: 12 miles round trip

Difficulty Moderate – Strenuous

Cross Country Skiing recommended

For those wanting to a longer ski tour to one of Grand Teton National Parks most scenic locations, Jenny Lake is the spot!  In the summer it is one of the parks most popular areas but in winter you just might have it to yourself.  Lake ice can be thin especially in early winter but eventually the lake freezes over with a thick supportable sheet of ice.  Travel at your own risk.  


  1. Lucas-Fabian Homestead
Sunrise at the Lucas-Fabian Homestead in Grand Teton National Park.

Time: 4 hours

Distance: 4 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Cross Country Skiing Recommended, Snowshoeing possible

A shorter option from the Bradley-Taggart Trailhead is a visit to the beautiful Lucas-Fabian Homestead.  Located two miles from the parking lot along the stunning Cottonwood Creek, this homestead could have become a subdivision if not for the work of Harold Fabian, Vice President of the Snake River Land Company.  Throughout the 1920’s, Philanthropist John D Rockefeller JR. used his fortune to purchase homesteads in the Jackson Hole Valley which were later added to Jackson Hole National Monument, which in 1950 was added to Grand Teton National Park.  Read our blog post on the battle to save Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park here.

Video of Lucas Fabian Ski Tour:


  1. Granite Canyon

Time: 4 hours

Distance: 1-3 miles  

Difficulty: Easy

Cross Country Skiing, or Snowshoeing

Looking for easy access to Grand Teton National Park from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort?  Check out Granite Canyon and the Moose Wilson Road!  Numerous loop and out and back options exist, we like winding trail to the mouth of Granite Canyon in particular.  Along the trail you will pass through aspen forests, sagebrush meadows, mixed conifer forests, and cross the riparian area along Granite Creek, four of the five plant communities found in Grand Teton National Park.  Look for track and sign from moose and elk, to foxes, coyotes, or even an elusive great gray owl, the largest owl in North America.  Check out for more options from the Granite Canyon Trailhead.  


  1. Moose Wilson Road

Time: 4-6 hours

Distance: 4 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

Closed to motor vehicles in winter, the Moose-Wilson road is an ideal trail for beginner to advanced cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  Start from the south at the Granite Canyon Trailhead or from the North end at the Death Canyon Trailhead.  The snow packed road winds through conifer forest with plenty of options for loops and out and back treks.  We like combining a ski up the road with a loop over to the mouth of Granite Canyon and back to the Trailhead, about 4 miles.


  1. Two Ocean Lake

Time: 4-6 hours

Distance: 4 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

This quiet corner of Grand Teton National Park offers opportunities for solitude, you might even be breaking your own trail through the powder snow!  From a pullout on Pacific Creek Road, follow the Two Ocean Lake Road to the lake and views of the Northern Range of the Tetons.  We like looking for tracks and exploring the woods around the lakes on tours.  For a longer adventure, make the ski a loop and visit Emma Matilda Lake on the return trip.  

Snowshoers head toward Two Ocean Lake in northern Grand Teton National Park


Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoe Opportunities Abound in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park

These are some of our favorite trips in the Park, many more trip ideas exist from on  Please let us know if we can help with guiding your next adventure in Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks by calling us 307-690-9533 or emailing  Visit our website and click “Book Here” to see live availability on all of our tours.  We’ll give you 10% off if you use the code “Winter18” at checkout.  


Now in their 11th year of operation, Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures leads wildlife safaris, cross country skiing tours, and snowshoe tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks 365 days a year. contact: 307-690-9533 or


Our New JH Nordic Webcam!

Notice something different about our homepage??? THAT’S RIGHT! WE HAVE A WEBCAM!

Our new JH Nordic webcam was successfully installed and went live last week! Located just off the Grand Teton National Park Rd north of the Taggart Bradley Trailhead, this webcam is prefect for being able to check out the conditions of the part before you drive up there. It is located along the Taggart to Jenny Lake and Signal Mountain groomed Nordic Trail.

jh nordic webcam

The webcam is a joint effort by JH Nordic, Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Grand Teton National Park, and See JH. Grand Teton National Park will eventually be adding the webcam to their website for visitors to see in the summer as well.

It’s great to watch whats going on on the trail (i.e. skiers, groomer, walkers, animals) and it’s even better to get the spectacular view of the Grand Teton. Furthermore, you can wave to your friends from Grand Teton National Park!

In addition to the webcam, we were also able to post up several new informational signs with winter information, safety techniques and a winter trail map for that region at the trailhead. This will be a great way to help encourage safety while out in the park and help visitors enjoy the area more thoroughly.

We are grateful to this partnership and the generous support of GTNP, GTNP Foundation, and SeeJH.

JH Nordic Alliance’s 2nd Annual Free Ski, Fat Bike, & Snowshoe Day at Turpin Meadow – Sunday January 7th, 10am-3pm – Open for all!

If you love Nordic skiing, Fat Biking, Snowshoeing or are looking to try one of these fun winter sports, we have the perfect day for you!!! On Sunday, January 7th, Turpin Meadows is hosting our 2nd annual JH Nordic Free Ski, Fat Bike & Snowshoe Day!

This once a year event allows you to demo new and innovative gear from local shops and suppliers. Considering fat biking? Come up to Turpin Meadows Ranch on January 7th and try out a few bikes before you buy, or simply experience the thrill of riding the single track through the forest. Want to know what it’s like to skate ski with views of Tetons? This is a family-friendly event, open to all ages. January 7th is the day!

When you arrive at Turpin Meadows, sign in for your free trail pass to access all of their beautiful trails. You will also be able to demo fat bikes, skate, and class cross-country ski gear! There will be free snowshoe tours in the meadows and forest of the Buffalo Fork, and we will also be providing lessons on skate skiing and cross-country skiing. US Forest Service Rangers will be on hand to share the secrets of the winter forest ecosystems, wildlife tracks, information on the extensive trail network throughout the vast Bridger – Teton National Forest.

This day includes:

  • Free Nordic ski demos from Fischer & Madshus from Skinny Skis
    • Demo stock is limited, please bring or rent your own gear as well.
  • Free Nordic ski lessons by Teton Pines Nordic Center
  • Free fat bike demos from Surly & Fatback by Teton Mtn Bike Tours, Friends of Pathways, and Hoback Sports
  • Free snowshoe demos and tours from Hole Hiking Experience
  • Winter ecosystem information by the Bridger-Teton US Forest Service Rangers
  • Lunch, hot and cold drinks available (cash preferred)
  • Try Turpin’s new dedicated fat bike trails & 15k of Nordic ski trails
  • FREE Town to Turpin Shuttle – by JH Ski Club
    • Pickup – 9:15a at Home Ranch Welcome Center, Return – 4:00p
    • RSVP to to reserve your seat.

      Fat biking -Tetons (photo: G.Markowa

Both lunch and hot and cold drinks will be available for purchase in the Turpin Meadows Lodge. A limited number of cozy, elegantly classic log cabins are available for an overnight stay by reservation. (307) 543-2000. Or lots of lodging options in Jackson.

This is truly the best way to demo several different sports and maybe even try something new! Turpin Meadows is a short drive from Jackson Hole (about an hour) in Buffalo Valley. For those who prefer not to drive, the JH Ski Club is running a shuttle a bus, but you must reserve in advance (

This is a free, community event open to all ages, visitors and locals alike and sponsored by the JH Nordic Alliance and generous support of the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board! Do not miss your chance to play in the snow and try out a new sport (or two!). And all the while, you get incredible views of the Tetons and Bridger Teton National Forest! Bring your camera – you might spot some elk or bison herd en route in Grand Teton National Park!

 Image result for hoback sports

Look out this 2017-2018 Nordic Ski Gear

Ok, ok, so winter is almost here. But this is exactly the time that we want to start looking into the best 2017-2018 Nordic ski gear for this coming season. We’ve done some research and found some ski equipment to keep your eye out for.2017-2018 Nordic ski gear

Salomon S-Race Skin Ski is a new racing skin-ski that Salomon will be introducing this year. It is modeled after the S-Lab series and is lightweight. It will have a Zeolite base like other models but will have an upgraded skin section. This high-end ski has an upgraded braiding system which allows for a great glide and consistent kick and an AT climbing-skin technology is integrated within the kick zone.

Rossignol will also be introducing a skin racing ski this year, called the R-skin Race Ski. It comes out of Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski line, which offers good grip and consistent kick in most snow conditions. This ski will be a great all-around ski, allowing you to take it with you in various climates and conditions.


Fischer just introduced a Carbonlite Twin Skin Ski as part of it’s racing line. Combining 100% mohair Twin Skin strips with it’s lightest ski, the Carbonlite proves to create a truly great racing ski.

Swix Triac 3.0 Poles are also new this year and important to take a look at due to their stiffness, durability, and weight. Did we mention that they are 13% lighter than their predecessors? This is because they reduced the weight of paint (a new design for the shaft), included a lighter strap material, and now have an aluminum spike on the baskets.


For bindings, Fischer and Rossignol worked together to create a new binding system that is compatible with both of their boots. Called the Turnamic Binding, this new device is focused on a turn-lock system that allows for easy departure from the system. Both companies are creating an entire line of boots and bindings using this system for racers, juniors, and recreational skiers.

If you are looking for more information about the newest and greatest 2017-2018 Nordic ski gear, visit our friends at Skinny Skis. Their informed and experienced staff will help you with everything you need to know!

Enter to Win: Jackson Hole Nordic Ski Trip of a Lifetime Sweepstakes

Win Jackson Hole Nordic Ski Trip of a Lifetime Sweepstakes – Enter to Win Below

This Sweepstakes is a unique Nordic winter trip for 2 people in beautiful Jackson Hole!


*Read the Rules and Regulations below.

Last Year’s Winner Shares His Experience

“Thanks so much for the Jackson Hole Nordic Adventure.  My wife and I had a great time.  We especially enjoyed the Nordic lesson and the tours.  We had a beautiful sunny day for the skate ski lesson with Rayner at Teton Pines.  We enjoyed seeing the Trumpeter swans on the ponds there.  I was in need of new skate boots and purchased skate boots there.  Thursday, we rented touring skis from Phil at Skinny Skis. Then we did a tour of Taggart and Bradley lakes with Max.  We skied across Taggart Lake on the way back. We had some rain and limited visibility on that day, but the tour was well done.  On Friday, Beverly provided a great tour through trees and in some meadows near Granite Canyon.  Ski conditions were great, although the visibility was limited.
We enjoyed visiting the visitor center and the Elk Refuge, where mountain sheep approached cars on the road. They provided good picture opportunities.
The lodging at Spring Creek Ranch was exceptional.  We enjoyed the food at the Granary (the breakfast meals were great) and the views of the Tetons from the ranch. We used the outdoor hot tubs on two of the nights. We saved our gift card until Saturday.  We went shopping at Hoback Sports in Jackson and spent the gift money there.
Overall, it was a nice trip for us and we are very thankful for the opportunity.  I always enjoy visiting Jackson and Grand Teton National Park.  It was especially nice to visit during the winter season and to participate in Nordic skiing activities.”
– Paul
Boise, Idaho

Enter the Jackson Hole Nordic Ski Trip of a Lifetime Sweepstakes

* indicates required


Rules and Regulations

Jackson Hole Nordic Ski Trip of a Lifetime – Official Rules

Sponsors: JH Nordic Alliance & Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Corporation (“JHMR”)

3155 Teton Pines Drive, Wilson WY 83014

Sweepstakes Entities: JHMR, JHNordic Alliance

Prize Providers:

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Spring Creek Ranch, Skinny Skis, Hole Hiking Experience, Teton Pines Cross-Country Center, JHNordic



  1. For complete Official Rules for the Sweepstakes, go to
  2. Eligibility:

The Sweepstakes is offered and open to persons who are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia, who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in the state where they reside, on the date of entry in this Sweepstakes. Employees, officers, directors (including immediate family members and members of the same household) of the Sweepstakes Entity, its parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, advertising and promotion agencies, legal and financial advisors and any and all other companies and prize providers associated with the Sweepstakes are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.

  1. To Enter:

To enter this Sweepstakes fill out this form below or click here during the Promotion Period, complete the entry form and submit as instructed. Entrants must complete all required fields on the online entry form to be successfully entered in the random drawing.   Incomplete or inaccurate entries are void. One entry per person will be accepted regardless of method of entry.  All entries submitted in accordance with these Official Rules shall be referred to hereafter as the “Eligible Entries”.

  1. Promotion Period: The Promotion Period begins November 25, 2017 and goes through December 17, 2017 (the “Promotion Period”).
  2. Prizes:

One (1) Grand Prize: trip for 2 in Jackson, Wyoming with 3 nights lodging and breakfast at the Spring Creek Ranch, 2 days Nordic skiing, cross-country classic or skate skis, boots, poles rentals from Skinny Skis, Nordic ski lesson and 1 day ski pass at Teton Pines Nordic Center, 1 day Nordic ski tour with Hole Hiking Experience in Grand Teton National Park, and 1 JHMR $150 mountain money card valid at any JHMR restaurants or retail stores, 2 gondola tickets to the top of the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the Grand Prize Winner and one guest. Trip must be completed by April 1, 2018. The Grand Prize Winner must book trip by January 30, 2018 or the prize will be void. Approximate Retail Value (”ARV”) of Grand Prize is $2500 USD. If Grand Prize Winner cannot take the trip during dates specified by the Sponsor, the Sponsor shall have no further obligation to the Grand Prize winner. Prizes may not be transferred or redeemed for cash. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute some or all of a Prize for one of equal or greater value. Grand Prize winner is solely responsible for all applicable Federal, State and local taxes on the value of his/her Prize. Certain restrictions and blackout periods apply. Blackout dates for the Grand Prize winner and guest’s stay include December 18, 2016 through January 2, 2017, January 12-15 2017, and February 17th through February 25th, 2017. Package must be booked 14 days prior to arrival.

  1. Prize Drawing/Winner Notification/Odds:

Potential Prize Winner will be randomly selected from all Eligible Entries received during the Promotion Period. Odds of winning the prize depends on the number of Eligible Entries received. The prize drawing will be conducted on or about December 20, 2017. Drawing will be conducted by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, an independent non-profit community organization whose decisions are final and binding on all matters relating to this Sweepstakes.

  1. By entering the contest online, you will be automatically signed up for one or more of the following email newsletter programs: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, JHNordic Trail Report, Skinny Skis, Hole Hiking Experience, Teton Pines Nordic Center, Spring Creek Ranch. You may opt out at any time after entry by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email received.
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    This Sweepstakes is governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Wyoming, U.S.A., without giving effect to the conflict of laws rules thereof, and any claims related to or arising under this Sweepstakes shall take place in the State of Wyoming.
  2. Official Entry Form

Enter online at or complete the form below and mail to:

JH Nordic Alliance, 3155 Teton Pines Drive, Wilson WY 83014



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Telephone: _______________________________________________________________

Zip code:  _________________________________________________________________

The Greater Yellowstone Cycle Trail: A New Local Adventure

A new fat biking and Nordic adventure exists just a stone’s throw away from us! The Great Yellowstone Cycle Trail is racing towards completion and that means great things for local fat bike and Nordic enthusiasts!
Imagine if you will, 180 miles of trail stretching from West Yellowstone, MT, all the way to Jackson, WY. This invaluable pathway is a local resource of recreational opportunities and ways to explore the area through connections with other trails for biking and hiking. As it is, you can already ride from West Yellowstone to Victor, ID and what remains is the last section that connects the top of Teton Pass to Victor.
If you’re looking for some side trip variations, there is an extensive network of groomed snowmobile trails that do well for a fat bike, and depending on conditions, could also do well for Nordic skiing.

There are several highlights of this trail that we have already experienced, hence the excitement over this trail being completed! To name a few, consider the Ashton-Tetonia section, the Felt to Bitch Creek Bridge and the West Yellowstone to Reas Pass. In fact, the trail section of the old Yellowstone railroad through Tetonia and Ashton make for an excellent summer mountain biking tour and a superb winter fat-biking experience. The views are breathtaking from this 30-mile section.

If you are looking for a quiet, non-motorized section, we would recommend the West Yellowstone to Reas Pass 11 mile stretch. And the Felt to Bitch Creek Bridge makes for a nice relaxing XC ski tour that is a short drive away. Fat biking is already popular in the Island Park sections!There is a mix of options up in that region, with Harriman State Park area being best for skiing.


Wyoming Pathways is helping to encourage regional planning and coordination of this 180-mile tour and has already received some funding thus far from the Rails to Trails organization. New donations would be welcome to support the continued collaboration with the communities along the trail and of course, Wyoming Pathways is a non-profit organization.

The Greater Yellowstone Cycle Trail is a great way to see this area, both in the winter and in the summer. To learn more about this expansive trail, visit the Wyoming Pathways website for more information.

New Gear Review – Madshus Intelligrip Classic Skis (Winter 2017-18)

Reviewed by Scott O’Brien, Co-Owner of Skinny Skis

Madshus Intelligrip Classic skis

In the past few years almost every XC ski manufacturer has introduced a new kind of waxless classic ski to their line ups that provides remarkably good kick & glide without relying on “fischscales.”

An underfoot insert of nylon mohair takes the place of a typical mechanical waxless base or the need for kick wax. Similar to climbing skins used by backcountry skier the plush of the insert is directional with the hairs of the plush lift or grip when you kick and lay flat while gliding. An added benefit of the mohair is that unlike fischscale bases it’s quiet while skiing. Fishscales often create chatter especially on icy snow whereas the the soft mohair is silent.

. Madshus, the worlds oldest cross country ski company, created an affordable performance skis with the new mohair technology – the Madshus Terrasonic IGS. This is the perfect quiver ski for tricky wax conditions or a one-and-only ski for skiers that would rather not bother with kick wax but still want a lively performance ski to use at Teton Pines or on any of the groomed pathways.

When sized correctly with the appropriate flex and Terrasonic IGS feels remarkably like a well waxed skis. The most important factor is determining the right ski is skier weight with height as a secondary factor

The Madshus Terrasonic IGS classic skis can be purchased at Skinny Skis ($359.95) and will also be available to demo this winter. Please feel to call Skinny Skis with any questions. 307-733-6094

Nordic Ski Season Kickoff – Best Trails For Early Season

It’s getting to be that time of year, the snow has arrived in Jackson Hole and it’s time to brush the dust off of your nordic gear and hit some early season trails. Luckily for you JH Nordic has some great insight on the best trails to ski and fat bike while the winter is still young.

Without further ado, here, in no particular order, are our favorite trails to take advantage of this time of year:


Teton Pass – South to Mt. Elly – 3.3mi

This scenic trail is easily accessible right off of the top of the Teton pass on WY Highway 22 just west of Wilson.  With a starting elevation of 8500 ft this intermediate trail is an early season treasure as it receives and holds the early snow much better than most lower elevation trails.  Boasting views of Mt. Glory and central Jackson Hole in the valley below to the east, the snow and skiing are not the only attraction of this “out and back” trail.  The trail leads you to the summit of Mt. Elly where 360 degree views of the Snake River Range, Black Canyon and Mt. Glory can be soaked in.


Grand Targhee Nordic Trails – 8.8mi

“The Ghee” as some call it, has an extensive set of nordic trails that are made up of four separate loops and are accessible pre-season but they likely will not be groomed yet. These trails are perfect for nordic skiers of any skill level and are well kempt, with clearly marked trail junctions.  These trails tend to build up a decent base much earlier than the valley floor in Jackson.


Togwotee Pass

Togwotee Pass has plenty of trails that due to their higher elevation can make for great early season skiing.  These trails are tracked out by snowmobilers which make them easy to follow for the most part and a great one to take is the trail to Brooks Lake, where you can stop in at the lodge for a drink and a bite to eat before turning back.

Now that you have all you need to know about the places to be for nordic skiing this time of year, get out there and ski! WINTER IS HERE!


Yellowstone Ski Festival & West Yellowstone Rendezvous Trails

Aside from just these awesome local trails to hit with our first snows of the year, the Annual Yellowstone Ski festival kicks off on November 21st with the West Yellowstone Rendezvous Trails opening up to the public. The festival draws thousands of skiers from all over the US and Canada and is a great place to start off the season and brush up on your technique or attend a waxing clinic. Find out more about the festival on the official event page here.