It’s 7:00AM. You are enjoying your first cup of joe, glancing out the window at the quiet, snow-filled forest that surrounds, pondering the day. Your morning playlist plays softly in the background. All the possibilities of Jackson Hole, what is it that you want to do today? Checking the weather report at, your hopes are confirmed. Another beautiful spring day in Jackson Hole. You take another sip of coffee and a thought comes to… Read More

  The five-leg race starts on Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and finishes at Astoria Hot Springs Park in Snake River Canyon. The race, where contestants compete either individually or in teams, consists of an alpine ski/snowboard leg, a short running leg, a cross-country ski leg, a bicycle leg, and a boating leg. The PPP is the third and final event in JHSC’s  Triple Crown Series and a one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  JHSC, the town… Read More

Teton Valley Trails and Pathways Spring Grooming Update

Don’t let the warm weather fool you, there is plenty of skiing to be had on the West side of the Tetons! Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP), the nonprofit winter trail grooming organization in Teton Valley, will continue to maintain winter groomed trails as long as there is snow on the ground.  TVTAP wants to continue to provide you with quality ski trails in Teton Valley. Your support for our organization allows us to… Read More

Late February Wildlife Update From Ecotour Adventures

Moose continue to be the stars of the show in Grand Teton National Park.  Guide Mike Vanian’s video perfectly showcased the moose strutting under the beautiful view of the Tetons, you can check it out here. A video of a moose in a snowstorm from last week by guide Laura Krusheski shows off the resilience of these beasts even through the blinding snow. Finally, content for the week includes photos from a recent cross country… Read More

Nature Update From Hole Hiking Experience

Guide, Beverly Charette, loves to share her knowledge about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and each day is new and different! A client photographed this wolf walking down the Gros Ventre Road and what a sight it was! Recent temperatures are great for touring! This latest cold snap has solidified the snowpack so we are able to easily xc ski or snowshoe.  New snow has helped refresh the landscape so check out the tour suggestions at… Read More

Snowmobiles Up Cache Creek vs Skiers, Fat Bikers, Walkers, Dogs, Wildlife? Q& A With Bridger-Teton US Forest Service

JHNordic received a question regarding multi-use on the popular trail, Cache Creek:   “Question on Cache Creek- it seems that the few snowmobiles that head up Cache Creek trail do significant damage to the trail that’s groomed for skiing- In the past I have responded to the Forest Service surveys, asking them to ban snowmobiles there, as it is a short, dead end road, with huge conflicts with skiers, walkers, wildlife. Today, one of the… Read More

Nature News From Cathy Shill

Our friend Cathy Shill from Hole Hiking Experience which happens to be one of the awesome JH Nordic Alliance Members, writes amazing monthly recaps of the weather, wildlife, and trails here in the valley. Her latest “Nature News” monthly recap of January discusses the mild winter we are having in contrast to the record winter of last year and how this has impacted the wildlife and their behavior.  The wildlife has been able to graze… Read More

Sandbag Standings & 15th Annual Spud Chase Results

JH Nordic Blog

Here are your Sandbag Standings so far after Five Races: Sandbag Series Standings # races handicap Eric Balog 2 1.70 Dan Streubel 4 3.13 Davey Mitchell 2 4.40 Scott Obrien 2 13.45 Elijah Weenig 2 14.75 Melissa Streubel 2 15.65 Bridger Stiles 2 16.00 Steve Mandella 3 19.87 Forest Dramis 3 20.43 Michael Lutz 2 20.85 David King 2 21.10 Rachel Wigglesworth 3 21.57 Derek Hoff 2 21.75 Scott Horn 2 22.90 Desmond Concannon 2… Read More

Best Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trips in Grand Teton National Park

    Winter has come to Jackson Hole.  The breathtaking peaks of the Teton Range are covered with a deepening snowpack, to the delight of downhill skiers and snowboarders at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Grizzly and black bears are hibernating beneath the snow, and herds of elk, bison, and mule deer are retreating to the southern end of the Jackson Hole valley, seeking out winter habitat.     As snow covers the valley of Grand… Read More

Our New JH Nordic Webcam!

Notice something different about our homepage??? THAT’S RIGHT! WE HAVE A WEBCAM! Our new JH Nordic webcam was successfully installed and went live last week! Located just off the Grand Teton National Park Rd north of the Taggart Bradley Trailhead, this webcam is prefect for being able to check out the conditions of the part before you drive up there. It is located along the Taggart to Jenny Lake and Signal Mountain groomed Nordic Trail.… Read More